"Descend 6000 feet, Direct TD, from TD cleared for ILS 25R"

New Kai Tak Airport IGS 13 Approach, circa 1990s

Get ready to experience the thrill of instrument approaches! The APPR and LOC push buttons arm the autopilots approach functionalities, allowing you to embark on a range of heart-pumping instrument approaches, including ILS, Localizer, RNP, GNSS, Augmented GNSS, VOR, NDB, and many more. With so many exciting options, you're sure to find one that suits your taste for adventure. To prepare for these exhilarating approaches, pilots use Instrument Approach Plates to get familiarized with the terrain and obstacles. And with resources like Navigraph, you can access almost all the plates available in the world right from your simulator. 

Are you ready to take on the challenge and push your skills to the limit? Explore the most challenging approaches, including those available from your hometown airport, and discover a whole new world of excitement and adventure in the skies! In the future, we may demonstrate some user requested approaches using our miniFCU!

As for us, our favorite pick is definitely the legendary Kai Tak Airport IGS 13!!

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