What is a FCU?

"A human-machine interface designed with elegance."

The FCU, or Flight Control Unit, is the central hub of modern airplane cockpits, allowing pilots to interface with the autopilot system and control various flight parameters. Positioned conveniently on the glare shield, the FCU provides pilots with a seamless and intuitive control system that enables them to effortlessly engage autopilot and manage the plane's navigation and approach instructions. What makes the Airbus FCU stand out is its consistent design across its various fleets, providing a uniform experience for pilots and making it easy for them to transition between airplane types.
With the development of the miniFCU, every detail of the real unit has been painstakingly recreated to give customers an authentic experience. We focus not only the appearence, but also the exact tactile sensation felt at the pilot's fingertips, making for an exciting and immersive experience as real as it gets!

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