What is Flight Director?

"Are you flying the FD or the other way round?"

The Flight Director system is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows pilots to fly their aircraft precisely with ease. With just the push of a button, the green crossbar appears on the Primary Flight Display, giving pilots a visual guide for pitch and roll control. When the autopilot is engaged, the Flight Director visually indicates what is the pitch and roll order autopilot currently commanding (AP functions with or without FD, it is there simply as a pilot indication). Even when the autopilot is disengaged, pilots can still manually fly with by matching the FD, ensuring perfect synchronization with the flight computers. Interestingly, many people will confuse him/herself when flying with FD for the first time, on which direction to follow! Think about this, when Green Bar goes UP, airplane needs to go UP to realign with it, so you need to PULL the side-stick.

This incredible system is a testament to the cutting-edge technology used in modern aviation and makes flying a truly exhilarating experience!

With miniFCU, you can assign the FD function to the EXPED push button, making this useful function accessible anytime.

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